7 Reasons to Work with Clientside

Clients who pay for consulting services should understand upfront how their service providers think and operate.

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1 – Advanced SEO

If you need an SEO firm to generate weekly reports and identify your three top keywords ... we’re not that. Clientside provides advanced SEO consulting primarily to enterprise-level clients who already know something about SEO. Most of our clients have at least one internal SEO team member in place, and are looking to lift their SEO efforts to the next level.

2 – Experience

Any seasoned businessperson knows that a consulting company’s advice is only as good as the people doing the work. When you hire Clientside, you get something most clients hope for, but rarely find: personalized attention from a high-level SEO expert. That’s different from most SEO shops, where rainmakers give speeches and hunt for business, while SEO specialists with a few years experience do the work.

3 – Immersion

Because our founder Scott Smith works closely with clients, we take on only a few at a time. That allows for a better and richer understanding of each client’s situation – company goals, past successes & failures, Web site issues, category dynamics, and most importantly, short- and long-term business opportunities. The result: more insightful and effective recommendations, more and better-targeted traffic, and superior ROI. Speaking of which …

4 – Return on Investment

ROI matters – a lot. And ROI is affected by pretty much everything you do on your site. So you’ll find no generic, one-size-fits-all, off-the-shelf SEO proposals here. Everything is customized to the client’s unique situation and needs – from the description of work, to the kinds of recommendations you’ll receive. That’s what comes from working with an experienced SEO consultant who is also an experienced entrepreneur and business person, as used to buying services as he is to selling them.

5 – Candor

Right from the start, we’ll ask questions, learn all we can, and be upfront about whether we think we can help your business, or not. If we don’t think we can help – or if we think you might be better served by a different SEO/SEM firm – we’ll tell you. If we think you need to address other issues before embarking on a serious SEM effort – we’ll tell you that too. Even if it means that we don’t get your business.

We believe that clients are paying us, not only for our ability to help their sites rank better, but also for our knowledge. Sharing valuable information is part of being a good partner.

6 – Transparency

There’s no shady SEO nonsense here. Every recommendation is reviewed and discussed until a client is comfortable. Nothing happens without a client’s knowledge. It’s all about what works, what doesn’t work, risk and reward.

7 – Shared Understanding

We run businesses. We buy services as well as sell them. We’ve been on both sides of the fence. So we relate to our clients, and take their success seriously. We will not risk your brand for a short term bump in traffic. Our recommendations are built from understanding your core brand strengths, and opportunities we see in the marketplace.

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